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Pagan Country, Gangster Folk, and Death Jazz by Swedish twin brothers.

Although originally hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the band flees the cold winters of Sweden to spend the season touring the continent and in their mobile studio "Secret Circus Studio" built on a 40 foot bus.

The band has often been described as a mix of Pink Floyd and Dire Straits with a hint of Hendrix - Secret Circus fits within the Rock genré but by no means can it be profiled as singularly Rock. With the contrast of the Archipelago of the Baltic Sea off the shores of Sweden, against the vast emptiness and artistic persona of the New Mexico desert, their sound is eclectic, varying from very mellow nostalgic feels, to bombastic and explosive larger than life soundscapes, driving beats, and walls of sound.


Captain Klas Åhman & Joel Åhman


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