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Captain Klas

Self-taught inner city flower child aiming for the stars...

Originally from Stockholm Sweden, Captain Klas first moved to New Mexico in 2005 and has since then continuously toured Europe and USA with his twin brother as Secret Circus. Captain Klas is currently working on his debut album as a solo artist called "Thank You. I'm Sorry." (produced by Joel Åhman / Secret Circus Studio). Captain Klas also produces music and media content for various artists thru Secret Circus Studio.

The live show of Captain Klas, be it with a band or a scaled down acoustic solo set, is best described as eclectic, combining traditional styles and genres, creating new bastard genres like; Doom Disco, Death Jazz, Gangster Folk, etc, for describing his performance. Captain Klas has been gaining recognition among his fans and peers for his thought provoking lyrical content, unique finger picking technique, big live sound, ambiguous persona, and rugged look.

Solo album

"Thank you. I'm Sorry."

Coming Soon!!!


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