“Come Be My Girl”

New single
& music video

by Secret Circus / Captain Klas

BIG thanks to Daniel Liston Keller at Get It In Writing and
Eric Larsen at TASCAM for donating the Model 24 to this project!

The song was recorded in February 2019 at Secret Circus Studio in Ruidoso.
Written by: “Captain” Klas Åhman
Produced by: Joel Åhman / Secret Circus Studio
Extra credit: Eriq Guiterez (Synth and arrangement consultation)

Video Credits

The video was shot in March 2019 in Stockholm Sweden.

Demon: Audrey Penn
Talent Coordinator: Tina Andreasson
Produced by: Joel Åhman / Secret Circus Studio
Artist: Captain Klas / Secret Circus

More about Secret Circus here: http://secretcircus.se/bio


About Come Be My Girl:

What does it take to write
and record a song?
Here’s Secret Circus
explaining how they do it…


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Reviews and Quotes:

Well done! Good concept, great editing, great song. Most excellent.
— Daniel Keller / GET IT IN WRITING INC
Darkness and light in one. Love, creativity and mysticism, beautiful photography as usual, they nail it again. Keep howling at the moon and reaching for the stars!
— Tina Andreasson / Tina Andreasson Gallery
The hypnotic beat and edgy vocals of Secret Circus’s “Come Be My Girl” paired with the ethereal performance of the goddess make for an otherworldly experience. The immaculate cinematography transports one to a supernatural atmosphere that is all-captivating. An ode to when passion transcends the earthly plane; an instant Secret Circus classic.
— Artistic Director / FellaFox Studios
Not sure what cult this is but I want in!
— Madame Deville / CEO Third Eye Switch
I had a boner the whole show 5 stars
— Kalib The Destroyer / Jedi
One can’t help but be reminded of such bands and artist as Pearl Jam, José González, Neil Young, and other bands that bear the mantle of so-called alternative music.
One is even reminded of Laurie Anderson when she wore curlers. This video speaks less to the heart, and more to the sphincter. In closing, I think Secret Circus would do well to learn more from artist like Conway Twitty.
— @ClownThorns
This video made me feel uncomfortable in the best possible way. I didn’t even know that was a thing. That was incredible. I loved it! Very visually striking. And of course sounds dope too.
— Dayne Pack / Artist
My uncle didn’t go to Vietnam just so you could walk around with long, hippy-boy hair and with your shirts off, heh, damnit.
— Ted Nugget
This was just another masterpiece by the geniuses that are... Secret Circus but Klas and Joel have outdone themselves this time! The imagery and spiritual magic that this music video evokes are extraordinary and compelling. The model that the artists chose was incredible. She embodies dark mystery, love and, sensuality. The rhythm and melody in this song are haunting, perfect for an Autumn release! Amazing work, Gentlemen! Unbelievably, you’ve done it again.
— Marita / Deadly Tarantula Girl, Inc
Excellent! Atmospheric, with the perfect amount of feeling to balance out the macabre, an excellent offering once again from the “Viking Twins”.
— Sir Ged Hall / Geddismuss
Creepy, compelling and catchy. Melodic, moody and masterful. Hip, hard driving and hairy. This one will be in heavy rotation.
— Eric Larsen

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