Pagan Country, Gangster Folk, and Death Jazz - blend these together and you have the Swedish twin band "Secret Circus".

Although originally hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the band has made the Southwest USA their winter home and primary hunting grounds since their first US tour in 2011. They flee the cold winters of Sweden to spend the season touring the continent and in their studio "Secret Circus Studio" in Ruidoso, NM.

Fans and press often describe them as a mix of Pink Floyd and Dire Straits with a hint of Hendrix. The band lives in the Rock genré, but the contrast of the Archipelago of the Baltic Sea, the forests and snow of Sweden on one hand, against the dusty oilfields and outlaw country of West Texas, along with the vast emptiness of the New Mexico desert, the Mountains of Colorado, and the hills of Ruidoso, their sound is eclectic, varying from very mellow nostalgic feels to bombastic and explosive soundscapes. They set out to present a high fidelity experience from start to finish that will keep the listener emotionally invested throughout and are known for their three dimensional ambiance with huge dynamic range that is best experienced either Live or on your best sound system with a glass of your favorite whiskey on the armrest.


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/ Joel Åhman /

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Music Video

Secret Circus - "Papier-mâché"


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